Rangeley Balsam Organic Hand Soap

Organic Hand Soap

Our evergreen hand soap is derived from an Organic Liquid Soap Base and naturally kills germs and purifies your skin. It forms a thick lather and rinses clean leaving a light scent. Contains no parabens and is free of chemical preservatives.  Available in 5 refreshing scents

8 Ounce Bottle - $8.00

Scents Available

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Scent Descriptions:

Wilderness Balsam -
This wonderful scent evokes the earthy and fresh scents of a "Walk in the Woods." It brings double the rejuvenating benefits of "The Tree of Life" by blending Maine Balsam Fir and Siberian Fir with notes of Cedarwood. Enjoyed by many outdoor sport enthusiasts.

Lavender Balsam -
This unexpected and inspired pairing combines the stress busting scent of Lavender with the rejuvenating power of Balsam Fir to balance mind and body for a soothing and restful aromatic experience.

Wild Rose Balsam -
Our premier scent combines the mentally nourishing and romantic scent of Wild Rose with the refreshing and relaxing scent of the Evergreen Balsam Forest. The scent of Maine in the summertime. A coastal and western mountain favorite.

WinterMint Balsam -
This minty evergreen scent relieves mental strain and gently stimulates.  Breezy bright and cheerful.  Great for cooling off on hot days.

Lemongrass Ginger Balsam -
Uplifting and warming. This citrusy, woodsy formulation eases anxiety and renews vitality.